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CAC Operations Policies and Procedures

Parking at the CAC

Parking at the CAC is regulated by the University Parking and Transportation Office. The CAC Operations Office works with the Parking Office to accommodate special parking requirements for events at the CAC. Most parking needs require advance planning to ensure a pleasant experience for your guests.

The CAC is primarily served by lot 45 in the front and lot 70 on the Art Museum side. Without special arrangement, lot 45 requires a permit from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, and lot 70 requires a permit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, short-term paid parking is available behind the building (ST9) and on the other side of the Museum Education Center (ST1).

Parking in loading/unloading zones and special designation spaces (i.e. ADA, Emergency Vehicles Only, etc.) is enforced 24-hours without exception.

Student Parking
Free student parking is available in the Coliseum lot across Mon Blvd. from the CAC. Students may also utilize the short-term paid lots. Alternatively, student permits are available online from the Transportation and Parking Office website.

Faculty/Staff Parking
Per University regulations, all faculty and staff are required to obtain a permit in order to park in a campus lot. Most types of permits issued by the parking office designate one specific lot in which the permit is valid.

However, the University acknowledges that collaboration with colleagues may require parking on other campuses on a temporary basis. Permits for Evansdale lots are valid in lots 5 and 7 (Downtown), lot 42 (Law Center), lot 52 (Chestnut Ridge Research Building), and lot 81 (HSC). Any colleagues who have a valid permit for a Downtown, HSC, or Law Center lot may park on a temporary basis in lot 45 at the CAC. The Parking Office defines 'temporary basis' as 'can not be consecutive days'.

15-minute Visitor Parking
There are three parking spots designated for 15-minute Visitor Parking located adjacent to the drop-off lane in front of the CAC. These spots are reserved M-F from 7am-5pm for visitor use without a permit. Guests who have been issued a temporary permit should find other available spots. Permit holders who park in a Visitor spot during restricted hours are subject to citations.

Temporary Guest Parking
When guests are expected between 7:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday, special action must be taken to ensure they do not receive a citation for parking without a permit.  For events which are expected to bring in 50 or more guest vehicles, the Operations Office may request that the Parking Office suspend ticketing in lot 45 in front of the CAC.

When 10 to 50 guest vehicles are expected, the Operations Office can request an event specific temporary permit be created. This will be sent to the event coordinator via email for distribution to all attendees. The attached pdf must be printed and displayed on the vehicle's dash and is only valid for the hours denoted on the permit. The Parking Office asks for two weeks notice on these requests.

When fewer than 10 guest vehicles are expected, One-Day Visitor Parking Permits may be issued. Each School Office is authorized to issue these permits. Alternatively, the Dean's Office and the Operations Office may issue these as well.

Longer Short-Term Guest Parking
Guests who require multi-day parking, including guest artists in residency, may be issued multi-day visitor permits rather than issuing a stack of one-day permits. This is handled on a case-by-case basis so please contact the Operations Office to inquire as early as possible.

Overnight Traveler Parking
When groups meet at the CAC to depart for an overnight trip, we can request Multi-Day Overnight Parking Permits, which will allow the attendees to park in the lower section of lot 45. The Parking Office asks for two weeks notice on these requests as they are required to create event specific permits.

Requesting Keys and Card Access

All requests for physical keys or card access must be submitted by Faculty or Staff through the online form. The information you provide during this process will route your request to the required personnel for approval. All access requests must be approved by your home department (e.g. School of Art & Design, Dean's Office, etc.) before the Operations Office can take action.

Faculty/Staff Key Requests
The Operations Office maintains a small inventory of building keys. If the keys you've requested are not in stock, a work order must be submitted for the Facilities Management Lockshop to cut a new key. Depending on their current workload, this may add up to a week or more to our turnaround time. Once your keys are ready, you will be contacted using the email address you provided, and you will be able to sign out your keys in the Operations Office.

Student Key Requests
All requests for keys to be issued to students must originate from the Faculty or Staff member authorizing the access. All correspondence in regard to these requests will be copied to both the Student and the Faculty/Staff representative. The student will be required to sign out the key(s) in person in the Operations Office.

All Card Access Requests
Card swipe locks will be updated each Tuesday and Friday between 10am and 12pm. Each request will be processed during the update immediately following the completion of the approval process. For example, if you submit your request at 1pm on Friday and your School director signs off before 10am on Tuesday, you should have access to the new door(s) between 10am and noon on Tuesday.

All access requests must be submitted by Faculty or Staff
Key/Card Access Requests

Surplus Equipment Disposal

The CAC Operations Office is responsible for coordinating with the WVU Surplus Redistribution Center (SRC) to manage the disposal of all unwanted items. If the item is determined to have remaining value, it will be taken to the SRC where it may be reallocated to another University or State department or auctioned to the general public. If the item is determined to have reached the end of its useful life, it will be disposed of appropriately.

To arrange for items to be sent to surplus or disposed of, please complete the online form below. After examining the items, the Operations Office will consult the SRC to determine the proper course of action and then arrange for the item to be removed. Every effort will be made to remove the item from your area as soon as possible. This turnaround may be affected by Operations Office workload, available storage space, or SRC workload. Please do not place your items in the hallway unless you have been instructed to do so by the Operations Office.

Surplus Equipment Disposal

Operations Office Workflow Automation

In an effort to improve efficiency and service rendered, the CAC Operations Office is working to automate a number of our business processes using the cloud-based software service KiSSFLOW, which allows the creation of online forms and is capable of routing to multiple users for input or approval based on customizable parameters.

The forms embedded in the Operations website can be completed without creating a user account. For occasional use, this is the preferred method. However, for faculty and staff who anticipate interacting with these processes on a regular basis, you may want to request a user account, which will allow you to log in to the KiSSFLOW site where you can track the progress of submissions to see where a request has stalled.

For example, a faculty member with a user account can submit a request for a key that will go directly to their School Director for approval. That director receives an email with a link to the item. They can then review the request and approve, deny, or seek additional information as they see fit. They can even approve the request with modifications. At any time, the faculty member can log in to see what step of the process their request is in. Is it hung up waiting for director approval, is the Operations Office backed up, or did they miss the email letting them know that their key is ready?

Additionally, completing the form from within the KiSSFLOW website provides a more user friendly layout and allows you to save templates for requests that you find yourself repeating often.

Request User Account

Scheduling at the CAC

All scheduling at the CAC is handled in 25Live, the campus scheduling solution that serves as the one calendaring system for all CAC rooms and resources. All scheduling requests from faculty and staff are expected to be entered in 25Live following the formatting outlined in the 25Live CCA Guidebook. This is designed to standardize the way in which events are entered into 25Live and aid in the communication of event-related details. Trainings focusing on how the CAC uses 25Live are offered to faculty each semester. For your reference, a listing of all CAC locations found in 25Live is included here as well. For assistance with 25Live, please contact the CAC Operations Office.

25Live CCA Guidebook
25Live CAC Location Listing
25Live WVU Website
SOM Performance and Rehearsal Calendar

Scheduled training sessions:
There are no training sessions scheduled at this time. If you are interested in training, please contact the Operations Office to inquire.
*All training sessions will be in 437A (Graphic Design Computer Lab on 2nd Floor). If you would like to attend a training session, please email to reserve your spot.

Poster Policy

Hanging Posters in the Creative Arts Center
Only events hosted in the Creative Arts Center or sponsored by a College of Creative Arts affiliated group may be advertised in the Creative Arts Center. All posters to be hung in the CAC must be stamped for approval in the Operations Office. Once approval has been obtained, posters may be hung in designated areas only and are to be removed following the event.

Non-event based posters must be reviewed by the Operations Office and may be approved for posting for a specified period of time.

Any materials posted without proper approval will be removed.

Posters for College of Creative Arts Events
All posters for events sponsored by any College of Creative Arts affiliated group must include the following elements:
  • the appropriate School word mark,
  • the name of the event
  • the date and time of the event
  • the name of the venue, including the words Creative Arts Center if applicable,
  • ticketing information, including box office contact info,
  • and any relevant disclaimer for audience appropriateness (e.g. 'mature themes,' 'may not be suitable for young audiences,' etc.)
Posters for non-College of Creative Arts Events Hosted in the Creative Arts Center
All posters for events hosted in the Creative Arts Center that are not sponsored by a College of Creative Arts affiliated group must include the following elements:
  • the Creative Arts Center word mark,
  • the name of the event
  • the date and time of the event
  • the name of the venue, including the words Creative Arts Center if applicable,
  • ticketing information, including box office contact info,
  • and any relevant disclaimer for audience appropriateness (e.g. 'mature themes,' 'may not be suitable for young audiences,' etc.)
Official Word Mark Files
Use png for digital; use eps for print.
College of Creative Arts (png)
College of Creative Arts (eps)
Creative Arts Center  (png)
Creative Arts Center (eps)
School of Art & Design  (png)
School of Art & Design  (eps)
School of Music  (png)
School of Music  (eps)
School of Theatre & Dance  (png)
School of Theatre & Dance (eps)

Email, Phone and Network Setup and Requests

All faculty and staff receive Office365 accounts, which includes Outlook Email and Calendaring, Skype for business communications, and OneDrive for business document storage, sharing, and collaboration. For information on accessing your account, please visit the  Office365 page on the IT website.

To request changes to office phone or network setup, including port activation, voicemail reset, or troubleshooting, please contact the  CAC Operations Office. When necessary, the Operations Office will place service requests with Information Technology Services and assist in coordinating their work in our building.

Please note that numbers are assigned to phones, not locations. Moving a phone from one room to another effectively moves the line. However not all network ports have been activated, and additional permissions must be set on a port to allow it to serve a phone line even if it has an active internet connection. For this reason, even moving a phone from one port to another in the same room may require an IT service request. For assistance, contact the Operations Office.

Please visit the IT website ( for details on campus dialing procedures or accessing voicemail. 

CCA Faculty/Staff Listserv

The Operations Office maintains a CCA Faculty/Staff Listserv that is used to communicate important information relevant to members of the College. Building announcements for the Creative Arts Center, including maintenance alerts, closings, and policy updates, will be disseminated in this fashion.

Faculty and Staff of the College may utilize this resource to reach colleagues by sending email to All messages sent to this listserv are subject to approval by the Operations Office.

If you are having trouble receiving messages that are sent to this listserv, please contact the Operations Office for assistance.

Requesting Facilities Upgrades

All modifications to CAC facilities must be approved and coordinated by the CAC Operations Office. To begin the process, you may submit your request to In most cases, a meeting will be requested to discuss the proposal and begin to define the scope of work.

If it is determined that the project requires Facilities Management involvement, the Operations Office will submit a work order to request an estimate for the work. Projects totaling $25,000 or more require University Planning Board approval. 

Once the scope of work has been solidified, an estimate has been obtained, and the appropriate approvals have been received, a funding source must be identified. The project's priority will be evaluated as it relates to the program, School and College as we determine whether funding will be feasible at that time.

Once funding has been secured, a timeline can be established for the completion of the work. Major projects can take up to or more than a year to come to fruition. Advance planning is a must as projects with less time inevitably require more money.

Locker Usage

Lockers throughout the CAC are managed by the Operations Office. Locker assignments for the summer are by special arrangement with the CAC Operations Office. Please email to inquire.

During the school year, all locker usage must be registered with the Operations Office using the form below, which will be available in early August. Locker assignments will be valid through 5/14/18. All students are eligible for locker assignment pending availability. Faculty, staff, and student organizations may register lockers as well if additional space permits.

Students may use only the locker registered in their name and may not change lockers with another student without authorization. While students may store their personal property in these lockers, hazardous or flammable materials may not be stored in lockers. The College of Creative Arts does not assume responsibility for the security of the contents of lockers.

24” wide lockers are reserved for the exclusive use of cello, tuba and euphonium students only. Students wishing to use a 24" locker must ask their applied instructor, advisor, or ensemble director to email to submit the request. Pending availability, the student will then be contacted to arrange for locker assignment. In the event that a waitlist is formed, the School of Music reserves the right to redistribute these lockers at their discretion.

All lockers must be emptied by 5/14/18. Any locks left on lockers after that time will be removed and the locker contents disposed of at the discretion of the Office of the Dean.

Locker Registration Form (available early August)

Requesting Music Practice Room Reservations

All full-time music majors are permitted to reserve up to one hour per day of weekly rehearsal time in a practice room on the basement level of the CAC. All piano majors may reserve up to two hours. All requests must be submitted through the online form and are subject to availability and confirmation of active major status.

Scheduling of practice rooms is done per semester. Requests for the Spring semester will be accepted beginning November 28. Reservations for Spring 2017 are for the week of 1/2/17 through the week of 5/1/17.

Non-music majors and part-time students may seek approval from the School of Music office to reserve time in a practice room.

Practice rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis for all times not reserved through the Operations Office. This applies to non-majors, part-time students, and music majors wishing to utilize more than their reserved time.

All practice room usage is subject to restriction by building operating hours.

CAC Practice Room Reservation Request Form - Spring 2017

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