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Mobile Computing Requirements

School of Art & Design

Required for ALL incoming students.

Basic requirements:
MacBookPro 13” laptop (2011 or later) Software needed:Hardware Requirements for Graphic Design, Photo and Electronic Media emphasis:
MacBookPro 15” laptop (2011 or later)Additional Software requirements for Graphic Design (not needed in the first year):

For Art History Majors:
Art History majors have the option of either a PC OR MacBook Pro (as specified under Basic Requirements; if desired, may select Graphic Design/Photo/Intermedia hardware).

PC option:
Windows operating system 7 or later
11”-15.6” screen (2011 model or later)
Intel Core i5 (any generation); if desired, may select Intel Core i7 (any generation)
4 GB 1600 MHz memory (minimum)
320 GB hard drive (minimum)

PC option software:
Adobe Creative Cloud (WVU supplied)
Microsoft Office

School of Music

Basic requirements are required for all incoming students.

Any configuration or platform that meets West Virginia University General Laptop Computing Recommendations.

The Apple Macintosh platform is strongly preferred for voice students and those students interested in pursuing coursework in electronic music, electro-acoustic composition, and/or recording technology.

Software needed:

Due to the nature of assignments in the School of Music a full-spectrum pair of headphones (“on ear” or “over the ear”) are required.

Additional Software Considerations:



School of Theatre & Dance

This requirement is for ONLY those students entering the BFA with an emphasis in Design Technology. 

There are no requirements for other BFA and BA students in Theatre and Dance, even though having a PC or Mac laptop is highly recommended.

Students may choose from either a PC or Mac Laptop options:

PC laptop:Mac laptop:

Software Requirements for Design Technology students by year:

1st Year in program:For 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Years in program:

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