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FAS Scholarship

The following information constitutes the general guidelines for the Fine Arts Scholarships (FAS) awarded by the College of Creative Arts. Applicants and recipients should review their respective School’s specific scholarship information found on each School’s website. Recipients are also bound to the guidelines stated in their individual letter of award.

General Information

The Fine Arts Scholarship (FAS) covers tuition expenses (equal to a full in-state or out-of-state tuition waiver) for one or two semesters during any given academic year.

FAS and West Virginia Promise Scholarships:


Recipients must be unconditionally admitted into West Virginia University (WVU) as a major in one of the CCA’s, programs for the upcoming academic year or already be actively pursuing a course of study as a CCA’s major at WVU.


Each School uses its own application and review process to select the recipients for the FAS awards. To apply, students can download the Scholarship Application from their respective School’s web site. Each applicant must complete an interview/audition. The application/interview process requirements vary by School.


To be considered for any future awards after the current academic year, a student must reapply in the spring semester of that year.


After the receipt of your award, students are expected to:

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