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CCAC Operations

The Operations Office, located in room 4109 on the fourth floor of the Canady Creative Arts Center, supports the academic and artistic activities of faculty, staff, students, and guests. This office handles scheduling for all spaces in the CCAC and serves as a liaison to other campus offices including Facilities Maintenance, Parking, Roads and Grounds, and Facilities Operations, which includes housekeeping services. Additionally, the Operations Office oversees all aspects of Production related to the Clay Theatre and assists with the operation and upkeep of other performance and exhibition spaces throughout the building.

Contacting the Operations Office

To ensure faster service, there are several ways to contact the CCAC Operations Office. A number of specific topics are addressed through online processes that can be found on the policies and procedures page. If you are unsure where to direct your inquiry, any request can be emailed to If you are in need of immediate assistance, please try Jamie's cell phone (304-282-7357) or utilize the "For urgent assistance" calendar widget below to see who is on duty at any specific time.

For general, non-emergency requests,  email .

For major project or  policy- related inquiries, email .  

In the event of an emergency

In the event of an emergency that requires first responders, call 911 from a cellphone or call 3-COPS (2677) from a campus landline. Once safe to do so, please call Jamie's cell phone (304-282-7357) to report the incident.

If you are experiencing a building emergency (i.e. water leak, power failure, no heat, etc.)  during normal business hours (8:15am-4:45pm Monday-Friday), please use the contact info for Jamie or Mark listed below.

If you are experiencing a building emergency  outside of normal business hours (8:15am-4:45pm Monday-Friday), please call the Facilities Help Line at 304-293-HELP (4357). Once time permits, please email to report the problem so that we may follow up to ensure the issue is fully resolved. Be sure to mention that you called the help line.

Office Hours

Office hours are typically 8:15am-noon and 1:00pm-4:45pm Monday through Friday. This schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the production calendar and required work throughout the facility. To ensure someone is able to assist you, please feel free to schedule a meeting time via email in advance.

Operations Staff

Jamie Whoolery 
Director of Production and Facilities 
304-293-4171 - Office 
304-282-7357 - Cell


Mark Price
Assistant Facilities Coordinator 
304-293-4189 - Office

304-826-0660 - Cell


Peter McCumber 
Academic Lab Manager 
304-293-4167 - Office

304-826-0661 - Cell

Michael McGinley

Academic Lab Manager

304-293-4220 - Office

724-710-5204 - Cell

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