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Dean Jackson: Asian Descent Anti-Racism Statement

Written April 20, 2021

Charles Mingus paraphrases the words of a German Clergyman:

If you have heard me speak publicly to potential students, staff or faculty, you have probably heard me refer to the CCA Community. At times I even call it the CCA Family. I include this in presentations so consistently because I believe it is a great strength. However, like all communities, we are not always cognizant of the challenges within. Awareness can be the beginning of action. 

Most of you are aware of the mass killings that occurred in Georgia on March 16, 2021 or Indianapolis this past weekend. What many are not aware of is that violence against Asians and Asian Americans has increased 40% since 2019. Within our CCA Community our diversity is one our strengths, and among our community we have students, staff and faculty of Asian descent. These are our friends, colleagues and peers, and currently they may feel even more unheard, even more unseen. As a community we should practice empathy and support. We should be aware of our actions and the actions, including words, of others.   

2020 and 2021 have made us aware of how far the great American experiment has come, and how far it has to go. As artists we are always informed by the past and work to reflect current society. 

A year ago, we re-named our building. The legacy that accompanies that name change is a belief that the arts and culture can break down the barriers of hate. The community that shares that building should actively engage in that ideal. Our community should be safe, secure and welcoming. Please actively support the Asian members of our community.

Keith Jackson

Philip J. Faini and Falbo Family Dean