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Audition Day Schedules


November 15th 2020 Schedule*

*All events for November 15th will be held online. Participating students will be emailed with links to both the opening session and their studio specific session, approx. two weeks prior to the meeting date. 

11:00- Welcome Meeting: Meet the Deans and Directors of the College of Creative Arts, with an overview of the College of Creative Arts Community as well as information on the next steps forward in program consideration and information on scholarship opportunities.

12:00-3:00- Audition/Portfolio Interviews: Students will receive a link to meet with faculty in their studio of interest. This will be an opportunity to answer questions from the faculty about students' background, and interest in the program, as well as a time for students to ask questions of the faculty. The Audition/Interview is required as part of the admissions process for most programs.  

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