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WVU at the Ray of Light Awards

WVU Theatre and Dance is excited to be part of this year’s Community Theatre League Ray of Light Awards Ceremony!

Ray of Light Scholarship Application and Audition Video Upload

UPDATE: Our pre-screen has concluded and we now have enough students participating to move forward with the scholarship award. The audition process for this award will now take place entirely online and has been extended to accept submissions through May 8th. Please be sure to review the requirements for our Acting and Musical Theatre programs below. 

The award presented would provide a scholarship from WVU School of Theatre and Dance which would combine with other university awards to equal the cost of university tuition (Fall 2021). The award is renewable over the course of 8 semesters of study.  


Students interested in enrolling in WVU School of Theatre and Dance in the Fall of 2021 as Musical Theatre or BFA Acting majors are encouraged to submit materials. Pending a successful pre-screen, on-site auditions will take place at the Community Theatre League, 100 West 3rd Street, Williamsport, PA 17701 the week prior to the Ray of Light Awards


Audition Requirements


Present two contrasting monologues with the presentation consisting of: 

  • 2 monologues – One dramatic and one comedic – both from contemporary plays after 1900. 
  • The monologue package should be between 3- and 4-minutes total. 
  • Your monologue package material should be age-appropriate (your age to 30 years old). 
  • Read the plays from which you are selecting monologue material for presentation. This will allow you to make appropriate choices for the material as well as demonstrate an understanding of the play and the characters. 
  • Hand props such as a letter or handkerchief are allowed but nothing on a larger scale. 
  • Wear audition attire (nice and casual, but comfortable daytime attire); no costuming. 
  • Be prepared to present a third monologue of your choice and preference if asked. 
  • Avoid dialects, extreme profanity, crying or yelling to show emotion. 
  • You may sing 16 or 32 bars of a song from a musical in addition to the monologue package (This presentation will not be included within the 3-4-minute time limit for the monologue package.) 
  • No acappella performances, recorded tracks are allowed. 
  • Singing is NOT required for the BFA Acting audition nor for admittance to this degree program, but we invite potential students to present this additional talent during this process: While the BFA in Acting, the BFA in Musical Theatre, and the BA in Dance are separate degree programs, class curriculum for these performance degrees does overlap at times in our efforts to best educate future artists.  

Musical Theatre 

The audition will explore your abilities in Theatre, Music and Dance. Therefore, please prepare the following:  
Your entire audition package should be around  5 – 6 minutes total and should include:  

  • Two contrasting songs that show both your acting and vocal range and ability: 
  • One up tempo and one ballad.  
  • One of those selections should the entire song while the second should be a 32-bar cutting (which number is in its entirety and which is a cutting is the candidate’s choice).  Selections should be memorized for performance. 
  • Please know the shows from which you are choosing the songs to show your understanding of the character and motivations behind the song. 
  • An accompanist will be provided. Please have appropriate sheet music in your key. Place your sheet music in a three-ring binder for the accompanist. No a cappella performances, use of recorded tracks or self-accompaniment is allowed. 
  • one-minute monologue fully-realized and memorized 
  • A one-page  resume of your theatre/performance experience and a recent headshot or photograph to present at this audition/interview. Please DO NOT staple the resume and photo together. 

Dance call

  • Prepare a 20 to 30 second jazz or musical Theatre combination, original or from MT repertoire
  • Perform a double pirouette
  • Perform a triple time step

Present the best of you in this process; do not show or push some image or idea of what we might want to see. We want to know and see you in this interview and within your audition.  

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