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Why Study the Arts?

Top 10 Reasons to study at the College of Creative Arts at WVU:

  • Faculty are both nationally recognized artists and teachers
  • Small classes and more opportunities for in-depth instruction
  • Facilities housed in a multidisciplinary and newly renovated Creative Arts Center
  • Location is an easy drive from every major city in the northeast
  • Opportunities to intern and perform professionally while in school
  • Unique programs such as our partnership with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • Opportunities to travel, through international programs in China, Italy and Brazil
  • Visiting artists, historians, and critics of national prominence
  • A high job placement rate for graduates of our programs
  • Graduates become successful artists, performers, teachers and researchers

We also offer scholarships to students in Music, Art, Theatre and Dance. Scholarships are awarded on students’ academic performance, talent, dedication, and demonstrated potential for success.

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