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Creative Evolution

Each year, the visual and performing arts on campus enjoy growing success.
At the Creative Arts Center dedication in 1969, James G. Harlow, the University's President, remarked "Art, like education, isn't for a privileged few, but for all people." We must maintain and grow our facility to ensure the goal of "art for all people" continues to be met.


To ready itself for the next fifty years, the Creative Arts Center requires modernization and expansion. Future success depends on a renewed facility to support its educational mission and developmental goals. 

The new addition to the Creative Arts Center will factor into the transformation of the Evansdale Campus. Prominently sited at the junction of Patteson and Monongahela Boulevard, the building would serve as both a gateway building to the Evansdale Campus and a hub for all artistic activities on campus. 

There's a great need for spaces that nourish student and faculty artistic exploration. We plan to incorporate a mix of spaces in the new architectural design that allows for more formal collaboration and interaction between disciplines for the cross-pollinate of ideas in the creative process.

The architectural design also expresses the liveliness of all artistic activities that occur within the creative space, and becomes an unforgettable landmark, all while being a good neighbor to the existing area.


  1. Cultivate future arts advocates and patrons

  2. Meet 21st century standards for program accreditation

  3. Align physical space with current pedagogy

  4. Recruit more students and increase number of majors in the College of Creative Arts

  5. Impact audiences in West Virginia and the surrounding region

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