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Faculty Recruitment Travel Grant

The College of Creative Arts will be offering a fund-request program to assist faculty with various travel expenses associated with recruitment activities. The goal is that these activities will help increase new student interest and applications to the College, as well as serve as valuable outreach to public school teachers and counselors who directly influence students’ choices of colleges. 


  • These grants should be used for activities where faculty are directly interacting with prospective students and/or public school teachers and counselors. Attending conferences can also be included.
  • Awarded funds are to be used for faculty travel expenses (airline/mileage, hotel, meals). Exhibit fees may also be included. 
  • The CCA Faculty Recruitment Travel Grant program cannot fund:
    •  Activities that support a faculty members research agenda/activity, unless justification is provided on how the activity also relates to recruitment.
    • Activities that support professional development for a faculty member.
    • Activities that are outside the faculty member’s area of expertise.
  • Faculty may apply for more than one CCA Faculty Recruitment Travel Grant within the academic year.  Please submit a separate application for each proposed activity.
  • Faculty may combine a CCA Faculty Recruitment Travel Grant with CCA Faculty Professional Grant, if desired, and suitable justification is provided.
  • More than one faculty member may apply to attend the same recruiting event. A separate application for each faculty member is then required.
  • A faculty member may apply for funding either before or after the recruitment activity has taken place, however funds will only be dispersed AFTER the completion of the approved activity and only with the appropriate receipts.
  • Applicants who have outstanding balances from previous awards or who have not submitted the required documentation from previous awards shall be considered ineligible until those issues are resolved with the CCA Expert Business Office (CCA EBO).
  • The faculty member MUST submit any prospective student names gathered at the activity to the CCA Recruitment Specialist (James Froemel).  When a presentation/ performance is part of the activity, faculty will need to allot time for a short recruitment presentation/overview and question and answer session. James Froemel will be able to provide information cards and/or necessary recruiting materials. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS STIPULATION(S) WILL JEOPARDIZE A FACULTY MEMBER RECEIVING A FUTURE CCA FACULTY RECRUITMENT TRAVEL GRANT.


  • There is a rolling deadline for CCA Faculty Recruitment Travel Grant program.
  • Applications may be submitted anytime between July 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019 for activity occurring between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.
  • Please note that due to the change of fiscal years, applications are not accepted during the month of June.


The maximum award per application for 2018-2019 is $500.


To be considered for a grant, the faculty member must complete the CCA Faculty Recruitment Travel Grant application.

  • After completing the application, the faculty member should save it as a PDF and forward it digitally to the Director of their respective School for review and approval.
    • If the Director at the school level approves the application, the Director will forward the application digitally to John Hendricks, Associate Dean, for review and action.
    • Forwarding of the PDF by the Director to the Office of the Dean will constitute the Directors electronic approval of the application.
  • Applications submitted directly to the Office of the Dean without a Director’s approval will be returned to the faculty member.


The College’s Associate Dean and the College’s Recruitment Specialist will evaluate all applications. To be considered for support, the applicant must submit a complete and comprehensible application.

  • In the “Brief Description Statement” section of the application, the faculty member will ideally address:
    • A clear statement as to the primary purpose of the proposed activity,
    • The faculty member’s involvement in the activity.
    • How the activity will benefit the enrollment of the College and your School.


Within 2 weeks after submission, the faculty member will receive an electronic notification regarding the decision.

  • If an award has been granted, the recipient should see Lian DeLeon, Accounting Assistant II, in the CCA EBO to activate the grant and review the policies and procedures required for the disbursement of the awarded funds.
    • Failure to contact the CCA EBO within this time period may result in the award being rescinded.
  • If travel is involved with the activity, the applicant must complete the WVU Travel Authorization Form.
  • The Director of the appropriate School must approve the Travel Authorization Form.
    • Although this form is submitted after the activity, the signatures and dates must be dated in advance of the proposed travel activity.
    • After the activity, the recipient should submit the Travel Authorization Form in hard copy along with any reimbursement paperwork to Lian DeLeon, Accounting Assistant II, in the CCA EBO.
    • The College and University cannot advance any funds for the purpose of these recruiting activities.
    • Generally, expenses associated with the activity are covered through reimbursement only.
    • In some cases, the CCA may be able to assist in directly purchasing tickets for travel, prepaid lodging cost or special conference registration. The EBO can assist the faulty member in defining the eligibility of this type of assistance.
  • Faculty are to obtain the best possible estimates for travel expenses.  If assistance is needed, you may ask Lian DeLeon in the Expert Business Office.  Mileage is $ .535 per mile (please check with Lian for most up to date rate); meals (per diem) for many cities can be calculated by going to:
  • As of September 2017, faculty and staff are expected to use the new travel and expense management tool, MyExpenses, in order to seek reimbursements. Questions can be directed to the CCA EBO.
  • Post travel reports and receipts must be provided within 10 working days of the completed activity to receive any reimbursement for expenditures. Failure to provide the appropriate receipts and documentation may result in the award being rescinded.



If you have any questions, first see the Director of your appropriate School. For additional information concerning CCA Faculty or University grants, please contact John Hendricks, Associate Dean.


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