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Visiting Committee

The College of Creative Arts Visiting Committee consists of alumni and friends of the College who are engaged in semi-annual meetings with College administrators and staff. These meetings bring a fresh perspective from the professions we serve to our faculty and administrators. It is also important for the College’s staff to introduce ideas to Visiting Committee members for feedback and suggestions. This has been a very rewarding process for the College’s staff and students.  

We’re thankful to our Visiting Committee members listed here:

Joyce Allen

Barbara Bean

Pat Bibbee

John E. Bowman

Susanne Bowman

Dianne Cary

Victoria Cather

Jonathan P. Cavendish

Ceci Dadisman

William M. Davis

Alison Deem (Patrick)

Jennifer Dorre

Marcus Jackson

Richard Kuranda

Jacob Lewis

Cynthia Myerberg (David)                  

Kim Parrish

Harvey Peyton

Lynne Schwabe

Robert Silver (Marsha)

Scott Simons

George Stelluto

Jennifer Wiley-Stockton

Eric Ting

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