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Electronic Media Minor

Students in Electronic Media use digital tools and media—computers, the internet, digital cameras, cell phones, and others—to produce artworks such as animation, video and audio productions, interactive art and web-based artworks. Students are exposed to the exciting and rapidly expanding world of multimedia art while learning many valuable skills applicable to today’s job market.


Section 1 – 9 hours:

100 Level Courses – 6 hours
  • ART 112-Drawing II – 3 hours
  • ART 121-Visual Foundation 1 – 3 hours
200 Level Course – 3 hours
  • ART 270 or 271 Electronic Media – 3 hours
  • After completion of all 100 and 200 level courses, students must complete and successfully pass a portfolio review with an advisor from their chosen studio emphasis area.
  • In order to apply the course to the minor, students must earn a grade of “C” or higher in all ART courses.
  • If a student does not pass the portfolio review, they may enroll in an additional 200 level class in their chosen area of emphasis and resubmit their portfolio for a faculty signature; however, only 9 hours of 200 level courses may be counted toward the completion of the minor.
  • To strengthen the quality of the minor, students are encouraged to take additional credits in ARHS 120 or ARHS 160 which are GEC 3 & 5.
Section 2: 300 Level Courses – 9 hours (3 courses at 3 hours each)
  • ART 370 Electronic Media – 3 hours (repeat for 3 times for a total of 9 hours)

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