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Interactive Design for Media Minor

The Interactive Media Design Minor is intended to close an existing gap between the College of Creative Arts and the Reed College of Media by providing a finely-tuned curriculum supplement for journalism students that delivers emergent digital and interactive design skills while expanding learning opportunities for Art and Design students in the study of narrative methodologies, multimedia and visual storytelling.

Through collaboration and shared support between the College of Creative Arts and the Reed College of Media, students will be able to acquire critical competitive skills in an interactive design and visual narrative with new technologies that will enable them to compete in an environment that is increasingly determined by digital and visual media.

Curriculum - 18 Hours

ART 272 - Designing for Multimedia - 3 hours

Art and Design students complete the following JRL course; 

Media students complete the following ART course:

JRL 210 - Visual Journalism and New Media - 3 hours

ART 270 -Introduction to Electronic Media 1 - 3 hours

JRL 225 - Media Tools & Applications - 3 hours

300-400 Level courses (9 hours total)

JRL 322: Gaming Design and Digital Narrative - 3 hours

ART 372 - Interactive Design - 3 hours

ART 472 - Advanced Interactive Design - 3 hours

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