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Theatre Minor

By focusing on three broad areas—history and theory, performance, and production—the Minor in Theatre provides students with an overview of the profession and the opportunity to complete elective courses in areas where they have the greatest interest, such as acting, directing, stage design, voice, stage movement, playwriting, and puppetry. Performance opportunities may also be available for students pursuing the Theatre Minor.


History and Theory-6 hours

  • THET 101-Introduction to the Theatre-3 hours
  • THET 160-Theatre Fundamentals-3 hours
  • THET 301-History of Western Theatre-3 hours

Production-3-4 hours from the following:

  • THET 103-Stagecraft-3 hours
  • THET 104-Stagecraft Lab (with THET 103-optional) 1 hour 
  • THET 105-Costuming – 3 hours
  • THET 106-Costuming Lab (with THET 105-optional) 1 hour
  • THET 220 Fundamentals of Lighting – 3 hours

Performance Courses-3 hours from the following

  • THET 102-Acting (GEC #5)-3 hours
  • THET 144-Fundamentals of Acting-3 hours

Advanced Study-6 hours from the following courses:

  • THET 302-Directing-3 hours
  • THET 321-Stage Properties-3 hours
  • THET 327-History of Costume & Décor 1-3 hours
  • THET 330-Rendering Techniques-3 hours
  • THET 370-Production Dramaturgy-3 hours
  • THET 346-Actor’s Craft-3 hours
  • THET 365-Traditions-Dramatic Lit. (GEC ‘W’ course)-3 hours
  • THET 400-Perform/Rehearsal Lab-1 hour
  • THET 402-Playwriting-3 hours
  • THET 423-Costume Crafts-3 hours
  • THET 425-Advanced Costume Construction-3 hours
  • THET 427-Lighting Techniques-3 hours
  • THET 428 -Scene Painting-3 hours
  • THET 429-Sound Seminar-3 hours
  • THET 460-Contemporary Theatre (“W” course)-3 hours
  • THET 461-Creative Dramatics-3 hours
  • THET 462-Puppetry-3 hours
  • THET 463-Puppetry for Educators-3 hours
  • THET 464 Children’s Theatre-3 hours

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