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Academic Appeals

A student has to the right to appeal or request an exception to an academic decision (i.e. academic suspension/dismissal) if she/he feels there is justification that warrants an appeal or exception.


These stated CCA Academic Appeals Policies and Procedures are in accordance with West Virginia University’s Probation and Suspension PolicyStudents should note deadline submissions found on this website.

CCA Academic Appeals Committee

Academic Appeals are handled by the College of Creative Arts’ Academic Appeals Committee that hears student requests for exceptions or appeals that relate to any University, College, or School’s academic rules, regulations or polices. This includes issues associated with the suspension, dismissal, or reinstatement from any College of Creative Arts’ program. 

The overall charge of the Committee will be to uphold the academic standards of West Virginia University, the College of Creative Arts, and the three Schools of the College.  Membership of the CCA Academic Appeals Committee will include one faculty representative from each of the three Schools within the College and the Associate Dean. Any decisions rendered by the CCA Academic Appeals Committee is considered to be fair, thorough, and final.

Please contact John Hendricks, Assistant Dean of the WVU College of Creative Arts if you have any questions at


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