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Mid-Year Academy

Information for the 2021-22 Mid-Year Academy coming soon.

This information is being provided to all first-year students returning to WVU and the College of Creative Arts in Spring 2021 who achieved below a 2.0 overall GPA in Fall 2020 and are now placed on Academic Probation. A series of Mid-Year Academy (MYA) events are designed to assist you achieve academic success this spring so that you can hopefully obtain a high enough GPA to remove you from Academic Probation status.


All the required MYA activities discussed below need to be completed by the time classes start on Tuesday, January 19. 


Please note that if you are changing majors for Spring 2021 to something outside the College of Creative Arts, your Mid-Year Academy will be with that college and you should contact them for their information.  If for some reason you are not returning to WVU at all this Spring, please contact CCA Associate Dean John Hendricks at the email below. 


Required activities for Mid-Year Academy Students: 

As a first-year student attending Mid-Year Academy, you MUST complete the following required activities:

  1. University activities:
    1. Review the 5-minute Opening University Welcome Video found at:
    2. Complete the 10-minute Student Lingo ‘Success Strategies for Probation Students”.  This video can be found at the above web site.
  2. College of Creative Arts activities:
    1. Carefully read and review the CCA MYA Learning Module. This should take you approximately 30 minutes: CCA MYA Learning Module Powerpoint
    2. Complete the CCA MYA Quiz and Survey based on the above CCA MYA Learning Module. This may take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. This can be found at:
    3. Meet with an academic advisor representative to review your spring schedule during the week of January 11.  Does your schedule need to be amended?  Do you need to take less classes than you registered for?  Do you need to repeat courses under the University’s D/F repeat policy?

      Please contact the representative below to set up your virtual meeting:
        1.  All Art and Design students: Your advisor should either be Prof. Kristina Olson or Prof. Dylan Collins, so you may contact them: or
        2. Interactive Design for Media Students:  Contact Prof. Kristina Olson at
        3. All Music students: Contact Dr. Sandra Schwartz at
        4. Acting students:  Contact Prof. Cornel Gabara at
        5. Musical Theatre students: Contact Prof. Joshua Williamson at
        6. Puppetry students:  Contact Prof. Mary McClung at
        7. Theatre Design and Technology students:  Contact Prof. Steven Neuenschwander at  
        8. Theatre BA students: Contact Prof. Jay Malarcher at
        9. Dance students: Contact Prof. Yoav Kaddar at
        10. CCA MDS students: Contact Mr. James Froemel at

    4. Contact your Student Success Coach and set-up your first virtual meeting.  More details about Student Success Coaching will be in the CCA MYA Learning Module.  Specific contact information will be emailed to you.  
    5. Complete a CCA Student Success Contract. This contract can be completed at: 

For further information or if you have questions, please contact CCA Associate Dean John Hendricks at  He would be glad to have an email conversation with you or a Zoom meeting.  If you have specific financial aid questions, please contact


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