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Student Travel Grant

2018-2019 Guidelines and Deadlines

The College of Creative Arts (CCA) Student Travel Grant Program was created to support activities that lead to professional development for full-time students who are active majors in the College of Creative Arts. Funds donated to the College of Creative Arts and managed by the West Virginia University Foundation are the primary source for this program.

Examples of Appropriate Activities

  • Travel to participate in workshops, conferences, classes and seminars.
  • Travel to attend regional, national, or international events related to a student’s program of study.
  • To assist with funding special projects or opportunities that lead to professional development.
  • Travel to libraries to conduct research.
  • Travel to assist in the presentation or performance/presentation of scholarly or artistic works that will significantly help in the development of advancement of a professional career in the Arts.
  • Funding CANNOT be provided for activities such as chairing panels, organizing professional events, or fulfilling association obligations.
  • Students seeking travel funding associated with an Art and Design GPS course should first consult the School of Art and Design for funding opportunities. Opportunities to fund these type of requests through the CCA Student Travel Grant program will be very limited, especially for domestic travel. 

Award Amounts

  • The maximum award for 2018-2019 domestic travel (continental United States) is $100.00
  • The maximum award for 2018-2019 international travel (includes Hawaii and Alaska) is $500.00

    •      Because funding is limited (especially for international travel awards), applications will be received on a first-come, first-serve basis.   

    •     You can only apply  once  for either the domestic travel grant or international travel grant in an academic year. You CANNOT apply for both.

General Guidelines

•    In any given year, more requests are received than can be fully funded. To be considered for support, applicants must submit complete and comprehensible applications. This must include a full and accurate description of the proposed activity.


•    Requests for support to attend a conference or other professional meetings should include detailed explanations of how such attendance will contribute to the development of the student as an artist, researcher, service provider, or potential teacher.

  • The student must first complete the on-line application. Once submitted, the application will go to the Director or designee of the respective School for review and approval. The Director or designee of the School will review the application, and if approved at the school level, will forward the application to the Office of the Dean for review by the Associate Dean. 
  • Only  one  application will be funded for any individual during a given academic year.
  • Applications that fail to provide all the necessary requested information will be rejected.
  • Applicants who have any outstanding balances from previous awards or who have not submitted the required documentation from previous awards shall be ineligible.


Applications are now on a rolling deadline and can be submitted at any time between July 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019 for activity occurring between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Please note that due to the change of fiscal years, applications are not accepted during the month of June.

Making an Application

Here is the link for the application for the CCA Student Travel Grant:


Evaluation Criteria

Once the application has been submitted to the Dean’s Office, the CCA Associate Dean will evaluate all applications. To be considered for support, the applicant must submit a complete and comprehensible application.


Application review will be based on the following criteria:
  • Significance of meeting and level of importance in the student’s professional field.
  • Nature of presentation and process of presentation selection (e.g., peer review, invitation by session chair, etc.).
  • The merit and value of the activity, especially its potential to enhance the student’s performance in teaching, research and creative activity, service and/or to facilitate professional development as an artist. Note: Students seeking travel funding associated with an Art and Design GPS course should  first consult the School of Art and Design for funding opportunities. Opportunities to fund these type of requests through the CCA Student Travel Grant program will be  very limited, especially for domestic travel. 
  • Complete justification of all expenses. For example: How will the student be traveling? Is the mode of traveling the least expensive route, time, and means? What is the source for this information?
  • If a student has requested or received funds from other university sources, indicate source and amount. The more complete the description of any and all funding sources, the better the chances are of receiving this grant.
  • Evaluations and comments provided by the respective School’s Director or designee.
  • The adequacy and clarity of the proposal.




Students will receive written notification of any decision concerning the status of their application for a College grant.


  1. In the event that an award has been granted, the student must contact Lian DeLeon ( in the CCA Expert Business Office within 7 working days of the receipt of their letter of award. This will activate the grant. Failure to contact Ms. DeLeon within this time period may result in the rescission of the award.
  1. The College and University cannot advance any funds for the purpose of development activities. Expenses are covered through reimbursement only. In some cases, the College may be able to assist in directly purchasing tickets or paying for special conference registration. Ms. DeLeon can assist you in defining your eligibility of this type of assistance.
  • If there are funds from other sources, it may be necessary to process paperwork for prior approval, in which case university guidelines must be followed.


Special Notes

  • Awarded student travel grants can NOT be processed until the actual month of travel.
  • If a student’s travel is associated with a course, the student  MUST  be registered for the course in order to receive a travel grant.



If you have any questions,  first see the Director, or designee, of your appropriate School. For additional information concerning CCA Faculty or University grants, please contact JohnHendricks, Associate Dean, in the CCA Dean’s Office.

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