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City of Morgantown

The City of Morgantown Arts & Cultural Development Department is offering an internship opportunity with a music industry/arts management focus. Apply now to be part of the Internship Alliance. 

Student interns will work in the live music industry assisting with staff and promoters with the Ruby Summer Concert Series (May-Sept). Intern will learn and experience the following skills. Event scheduling, management, day of show, marketing and promotion, hospitality, artist liaison, merch sales and set up. 

The intern will experience a robust understanding of the planning and execution of a summer concert series with 15+ events. By the end of the internship, the student will gain professional experience that can be used as part of their resume for future growth and employment in the industry. 

Intern will experience 15-20 hours a week working in the live music industry environment. 

Internship Tasks 

Event Management 

  1. Working with staff and promoters assisting in advancing details to artists and tour managers. 
  2. Coordinating artist scheduling for the Day of Show. 
  3. Being the artist liaison day of show with sound production and event promoters. 

Event Marketing 

  1. Working with the marketing staff on social media campaigns for the season. 
  2. Collecting and posting content day of show for the social media campaigns. 
  3. Promoting content on designated partner sites and sponsors. 
  4. Assisting with digital video boards information, to provide content and operation of equipment. 


  1. Working with artist to coordinate merch sales location 
  2. Maintaining the event and park hospitality areas, bathrooms, and artist dressing rooms 
  3. Working with promoter and staff on artist and staff hospitality requirements (meals and snacks) 

Production Assisting 

  1. Working with staff and promoter on special assignments during the event 

Additional Requirements/Opportunities 

Student interns will be hired by the City of Morgantown as part time Event Staff. In addition to the internship activities listed above, students will also be required to work at events assisting with guest relations, parking, trash removal, and facility operations and cleaning. Ruby Summer Concerts take place on Fridays, June-August, and several other special events occur on evening and weekends as well. Students need to be available to work these hours. Successful completion of summer internship and work responsibilities will enable students to continue working throughout the school year at the Metropolitan Theatre and other city arts and cultural events, and potentially in future years.