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Wheeling Symphony Orchestra

The Wheeling Symphony Society proposes internship opportunities for students from the WVU College of Creative Arts. Student interns will work with the Wheeling Symphony assisting staff in developing a Teacher’s Guide for the Young People’s Concert Tour and in production for July Tour Celebrate America! in four cities in West Virginia. Apply now to be part of the Internship Alliance. 

The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra inspires audiences with engaging and innovative performances, compelling guest artists and works by a diverse range of composers with an emphasis on American music. Located in the northern panhandle of West Virginia, WSO, a regional orchestra, has called Wheeling its home for more than 90 years. Guest artists for our July Celebrate America! Tour throughout West Virginia has included such great Broadway singers as Hugh Panaro, Phantom of the Opera.   

Interns will gain professional experience with the following: Concert scheduling, management, marketing and promotion, hospitality, orchestral library work, and production including sound, stage set-up, developing a music education concert guide, and touring with a symphony orchestra. 

The Internship schedule includes 1 week of organizing and planning and 1 week during the tour for two separate programs – Young People’s Concert Tour and July Celebrate America!  Students will be paid between $12 and $15 hour with a cap of 35 hours per week for these internships.

Young People’s Concert Tour includes 35 hours of remote work developing the Teacher’s Guide. Live presence at rehearsal and concerts if possible, April 12- 14, 2023 during each morning and rehearsal during the evening of April 11. Concerts are in Washington PA, Glen Dale WV, and Wheeling, WV.  

July Celebrate America! Tour includes 2 weeks of physical presence from June 26 through July 7. Physical presence is expected in our Wheeling office until the tour begins on July 1 and after it ends July 5-7.  Transportation and accommodations if necessary will be provided only during the tour-July 1, Weirton WV; July 2, Canaan Valley State Park WV; July 3, Clarksburg WV; July 4, Wheeling WV.

Wheeling Symphony Orchestra Intern should possess the following skills:

• Interest in learning about all aspects of orchestral administration 

• Strong desire to develop knowledge of operations, marketing, and music library

• Ability to work independently, take direction, and work well with others

• Be self-motivated, responsible, flexible, and reliable 

• Have strong interpersonal and communication skills 

• Value inclusivity and demonstrate commitment to increase learning issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

• Ability to work long hours, weekends, and holidays 

• Ability to move heavy items as needed


The student awarded the Wheeling Symphony Internship will receive the following benefits:

  1. Gain experience working with the professional orchestral community of staff and musicians
  2. Continue development of professional and artistic talents
  3. Opportunities to increase artistic management through practical application
  4. Develop basic skills in operations, production, orchestral library work, and elementary music education concert guide

Duties and Responsibilities

Young People’s Concert Tour 

Music Education

Assist staff in preparing music education concert guide. 

Scheduling and Management

  1. Assist staff in organizing YPC Tour in WV, PA, and OH.
  2. Attend concerts. 
  3. Assist with other duties as needed.


  1. Assist marketing staff with social media campaigns.
  2. Assist with photos.


  1. Assist in operations and production and attend meetings via Zoom.
  2. Assist film director in videotaping the concert if needed.
  3. Time the concert for use by guest artist and conductor. 

Duties and Responsibilities

July Tour Concert


Scheduling and Management

  1. Assist staff in organizing July Tour concerts in WV cities of Weirton, Clarksburg, Canaan Valley, and Wheeling.
  2. Assist operations staff in developing itineraries for guest artist and music director.


  1. Assist marketing staff with social media campaigns.
  2. Assist with taking photos daily during the tour. 


  1. Assist with organizing dressing rooms and itineraries for artist and music director at each site.
  2. Assist in musician accommodations during the tour.
  3. Work with staff in provision of food and beverages.


  1. Assist library staff preparing parts.
  2. Assist library staff in maintaining folders for each musician.
  3. Assist in preparing repertoire sheets, memoranda, and rosters for musicians and music director.


  1. Assist sound technician.
  2. Assist in developing the stage plot and set-up and tear-down at each location
  3. Attend production meetings and assist in document preparation.
  4. Assist with lighting set-up.
  5. Assist with other duties as needed.

Student interns will be hired by the Wheeling Symphony. Minimum wage will be paid for at least 40 hours weekly – 2 weeks for Young People’s Concert (YPC) and 2 weeks for July Tour. These internship opportunities are considered practical learning experiences for students who express serious interest and wish to have active engagement in the duties and responsibilities listed. 

Young People’s Concerts are scheduled on April 12 in Washington PA, April 13 in Glendale WV, and April 14 in Wheeling WV. Music education YPC Teacher’s Guide work will begin immediately on securing an internship.  

July Tour concerts are scheduled from July 1-4, 2023 in West Virginia venues in Weirton, Clarksburg, Canaan Valley and Wheeling. Students must be available to work during additional hours during the tour for set-up and tear-down as well as during each concert. Accommodations will be provided as needed.

Successful completion of internship and work responsibilities may provide opportunities for future internships with the Wheeling Symphony.