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Jazz Studies Minor

The Minor in Jazz Studies is intended for students with a background in jazz or improvised music. All aspects of jazz are studied, from the early music to the most recent developments in creative improvised music. A variety of performance opportunities are available for students. The many small jazz ensembles perform jazz styles ranging from Bebop, Fusion, Salsa, and vocal jazz, to the avant-garde. The large ensembles perform original student compositions, and the music of contemporary composers, in addition to traditional big band literature.

A successful audition with the School of Music is required to entrance into the program.


Applied Music-4 hours from the following (audition or consent required for placement)Music Ensembles-8 hours from the following courses: (may be repeated for credit/audition or consent required for placement):Jazz Theory and/or History-4 hours from the following

Music Electives-2 hours

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