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Choose your major.

The WVU College of Creative Arts has a variety of nationally accredited undergraduate degree programs to empower you to turn your passion into your profession. 

Undergraduate Programs

Multidisciplinary Studies

Select three different areas of study (minors) to create your individualized educational plan.

Multidisciplinary Studies Program

Art Education

Help others foster their imagination and embrace their talents and allow them to explore themselves and the world around them through art. 

Art Education Major

Art History

Draw upon philosophy, history, literature, religion, and more to examine works of art and their contexts. 

Art History Major

Technical Art History

Focus on the scientific study of structures of art and objects, within art historical contexts, and values hands-on experience.

Technical Art History Major

Art Therapy

Find a career in a unique mental health profession that targets specific therapeutic goals, promotes healing and improves overall mental health and wellness. 

Art Therapy Major

Game Design and Interactive Media

Combine skills in writing, design, animation, coding, filmmaking and gaming and specialize in finding innovative ways to reach audiences.

Game Design and Interactive Media

Art & Design with emphasis in Ceramics

Blend art, technology and science into your practice.  

Ceramics Emphasis

Art & Design with emphasis in Graphic Design

Inform, stimulate, persuade and empower social change with skills developed in typography, drawing and design formats and thinking. 

Graphic Design Emphasis

Art & Design with emphasis in Photography

Become a thoughtful and skilled image-maker by learning digital and traditional photographic processes, digital video, animation, installation, interactivity and sound design. 

Photography Emphasis

Art & Design with emphasis in Painting

Explore monoprinting, relief, silk-screen, computer-mediated images and alternative printing processes in the printmaking program.

Painting Emphasis

Art & Design with emphasis in Printmaking

Learn the traditional and contemporary foundations of painting with the exploration of figurative and abstract imagery. 

Printmaking Emphasis

Art & Design with emphasis in Sculpture

Solve structural, spatial, formal and conceptual problems and explore various tools and techniques in our wood and metal shops. 

Sculpture Emphasis

Art & Design with emphasis in Time Based Art

Explore a variety of media, including digital and traditional photo and video processes, animation, sound design, and more. 

Time Based Art Emphasis

B.A. in Music

Study specialized coursework in music and explore all the academic offerings of a large liberal arts institution.

B.A. in Music

Music Business and Industry

Build fundamental analytical, regulatory, and creative knowledge and skills necessary for commercial participation in the music industry.

Music Business and Industry Major

Music Composition

Follow a course of study to prepare yourself for a career in composing in both acoustic and electronic styles.

Music Composition Major

Music Education

Build fundamental teaching skills in a variety of teaching settings, from ages birth to adult. 

Music Education Major

Music Performance

Develop skills as a musical performer or as teacher of a particular instrument including piano or voice. 

Music Performance Major

Music Performance: Jazz Studies

Perform and expand your skills as a jazz player and improvisors. 

Jazz Studies Major

Music Therapy

Use your professional music skills to support the empowerment and development of others in a variety of settings. 

Music Therapy Major

Music and Health

Pursue concentrated studies in music while fulfilling many requirements for a career in health or medicine. 

Music and Health Major

B.A. in Theatre

Combine a liberal arts education with a general theatre curriculum, learning all aspects of theatre as an art form.

B.A. in Theatre


Study a variety of dance styles and dance-related courses while pursuing an undergraduate liberal arts degree.

Dance Major


Study acting in an intensive and competitive program and experience training in movement, voice/speech and scene study. 

Acting Major

Musical Theatre

Prepare for a successful career in musical and stage performance in the competitive entertainment industry. 

Musical Theatre Major


Practice puppetry as a theatrical art form in addition to a broad-based curriculum in theatre studies. 

Puppetry Major

Theatre Design & Technology

Learn theoretical and practical aspects of producing live entertainment, with options to focus on costuming, lighting, scenic design, sound design, stage management or technical direction. 

Theatre Design & Technology Major


Arts Entrepreneurship

Gain a foundation for driving your own career and professionally working in the arts. 

Art Entrepreneurship Minor

Art History

Achieve a broader and deeper understanding of culture through the study of art history. 

Art History Minor

Arts Management

A diverse course-load offered from the arts to business will help develop skills needed for management in an arts-related field.

Arts Management Minor


Gain insight into your professional approach and commitment to ceramics as you pursue your self-discovery as an artists. 

Ceramics Minor

Electronic Media

Explore the world of multimedia art while learning valuable skills applicable to today's job market. 

Electronic Media Minor


Develop a foundation in painting while exploring your own artistic voice. 

Painting Minor


Learn the foundations of historical and contemporary photography while working with a variety of techniques and processes. 

Photography Minor


Develop skills with your own personal imagery by studying a foundation of traditional and non-traditional printmaking processes. 

Printmaking Minor


Cultivate your personal artistic style through problem solving while experimenting creatively with a variety of techniques and materials. 

Sculpture Minor

Therapeutic Art

Learn skills for adding therapeutic art to your teaching repertoire. 

Therapeutic Art Minor

Appalachian Music

Explore the rich traditions of Appalachian music-making through performance and historical studies. 

Appalachian Music Minor

Appalachian Studies

Build a multidisciplinary set of skills and approaches to address the pressing questions that face the Appalachian region. 

Appalachian Studies Minor

Music: General Musicianship

Learn skills through studying the broadest possible musical experience. 

Music Minor

Jazz Studies

Study all aspects of jazz, from early music to recent repertoire to hone your skills in creative improvised music. 

Jazz Studies Minor

Music Industry

Learn professional skills relevant to current cultural and commercial trends to pursue or further your career in the global music industry fund. 

Music Industry Minor

Music Performance

Prepare for a career performing or teaching a particular instrument or voice. 

Music Performance Minor

Music Technology

Build a skillset in music creation, recording or audio production for music or visual media. 

Music Technology Minor

World Music

Explore the relationship between music and culture. 

World Music Minor


Showcase your dance education with opportunities to perform on and off campus.

Dance Minor

Theatre Production 

Further your skills in theatrical production to prepare for a career in the entertainment industry. 

Theatre Production Minor


Gain an overview of the theatre profession through studying history, theory, performance and production. 

Theatre Minor

Graduate Programs

M.A. in Art Education

Created for the seasoned art teacher or pre-professional student, the M.A. in Art Education at WVU can be tailored to your individual needs and emphasis. 

M.A. in Art Education

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Ceramics

Fuse art and technology to become a critically engaged ceramic artist. 

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Ceramics

M.A. in Game Design

Take your game design portfolio to the next level by showcasing your leadership and innovation skills with a game that you design and produce as your thesis project. 

M.A. in Game Design

M.F.A in Art & Design: Graphic Design

Enhance your skills through rigorous research and learn new ways to communicate effectively. 

M.F.A in Art & Design: Graphic Design

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Painting

Explore new techniques and diverse sources of inspiration in your semi-private painting studio. 

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Painting

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Photography

Develop your own unique and compelling form of expression while creating a high-quality portfolio. 

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Photography

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Printmaking

Dive deep into an exploration of visual expression using a variety of printing processes. 

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Printmaking

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Sculpture

Research new methods of creation and materials in-depth. 

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Sculpture

M.F.A. in Art & Design: Time-Based Media

Hone your digital editing, video and animation skills to create compelling forms of expression. 

M.F.A. in Time-Based Media

M.A. in Art & Design: Studio Art

Explore an advanced method of study in ceramics, graphic design, printmaking, sculpture, or time-based art and produce a written thesis. 

M.A. in Art & Design: Studio Art

Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Art

Learn how engagement in art-making can facilitate self-reflection, promote healing, and improve overall mental health and wellness. 

Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Art

M.A. in Music Business and Industry

Take a methodical approach to mastering current practices through three academic modules and a project that immerses you in the music industry. 

M.A. in Music Industry

M.A. in Musicology

Explore a wide range of musical repertoires and scholarly debates and engage meaningfully with the musicology field through pedagogical training and research. 

M.A. in Musicology

M.A. in Music Theory

Get advanced training in the analysis of Western art music in preparation for teaching music theory in a high school or college setting. 

M.A. in Music Theory

M.M. in Collaborative Piano

Engage with our wide variety of ensembles to develop the necessary skills for collaborative performance for a career in piano accompaniment. 

M.M. in Collaborative Piano

M.M. in Composition

Get advanced training in the techniques and styles of modern composition, with a focus on electronic and acoustic writing, with optional explorations of subjects such as film composition, video game composition, and musical theater.

M.M. in Composition

M.M. in Conducting

Further advance your conducting skills with opportunities to lead our orchestra and symphonies on stage. 

M.M. in Conducting

M.M. in Jazz Pedagogy

Learn the art of teaching jazz improvisation and pedagogy at the college or university level. 

M.M. in Jazz Pedagogy

M.M. in Music Education 

Choose from four degree options to pursue your individual interests and talents and immerse yourself in the foundations and research of music education. 

M.M. in Music Education 

M.M. in Performance

Take an advanced course of study to further enhance your performance skills. 

M.M. in Performance

M.M. in Piano Pedagogy

Study a variety of courses with comprehensive experience in individual and group piano instruction. 

M.M. in Piano Pedagogy

D.M.A. in Collaborative Piano

Further enhance your study in piano accompaniment and engage in a wide array of ensemble settings. 

D.M.A. in Collaborative Piano

D.M.A. in Composition

Prepare for a career in higher education with this terminal degree that will push you to hone your compositional voice to a professional degree, focusing on acoustic and electronic writing, with optional explorations of subjects such as film composition, video game composition, and musical theater.

D.M.A. in Composition

D.M.A in Conducting

Prepare for a career in higher education or the professional world by studying technique specific to ensembles in three major performance areas. 

D.M.A in Conducting

D.M.A. in Performance

Prepare for a career in higher education or the professional world with a rigorous course of study in the instrument of your choice. 

D.M.A. in Performance

Graduate Certificate in Music Industry

Learn the fundamentals of music industry with five 600-level courses. 

Graduate Certificate in Music Industry

Artist Diploma in Music Performance

Earn a one-year graduate certificate designed for the artistic refinement of highly advanced performers. 

Artist Diploma in Music Performance

M.F.A. in Acting

Be part of an intensive three-year course of study that will prepare you for the industry through studio instruction and performance opportunities. 

MFA in Acting

M.F.A. in Costume Design and Technology

Learn the elements of design, drawing, and costume history in a course of study that moves you through the process of designing complete characters. 

MFA in Costume Design

M.F.A in Lighting Design and Technology

Get immersive lighting experience from experts with new technology with a variety of production design opportunities. 

MFA in Lighting Design and Technology

M.F.A. in Scenic Design and Technology

Master the advanced creation of stage-worlds using a combination of practical problem solving with conceptual ideas to extend the performance's meaning. 

MFA in Scenic Design and Technology

M.F.A. in Technical Direction

Get individualized training in the design, construction, and implementation of scenery using industry standard technologies, materials and techniques. 

MFA in Technical Direction