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Great things happen for all when alumni of the College of Creative Arts connect. We would love to have you get involved with our current students to help make an impact on their future.

Engage with our students 

Come visit us at the Canady Creative Arts Center to share your talents and experiences with students and faculty. This can be done in a masterclass format, as a lecture or demonstration, a question-and-answer session, or a performance or recital. Connect with Dean Keith Jackson to talk about possibilities.

Share your real-world experience

Become a Creative Consultant through the college's new mentorship initiative. Give back to our college through guidance, advice and expertise in your artistic discipline. Nominate a fellow alumni or yourself to become a consultant by contacting Mikylah Myers, Assistant Dean of Student Artistic Achievement.

Assist with recruitment 

There are many ways you can help the College of Creative Arts bring extraordinary talent to WVU.  Join us for a college fair in a major city or schedule a recruitment session with a high school in your area. You can help us make phone calls to undecided prospective students and parents to discuss your career and how your education prepared you. You may have a great idea we haven’t thought of yet or know of an event or opportunity that would be perfect for us. To discuss how you can become involved in College of Creative Arts recruitment, please contact James Froemel.  

Connect with us