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Audition and Portfolio Day FAQ

How do I find the requirements for my audition or portfolio review?

The audition or portfolio review requirements for each program are provided on our Audition and Portfolio Review webpage.

What should I bring with me to the audition day?

Additional copies of your resume and headshot (if applicable) are recommended but not required. A copy of official or unofficial high school transcripts if you have not yet been accepted to the university is also suggested.

What time does it start?

A full schedule for each day will be available on the audition day webpage. 

I want to be an Art & Design major, but I'm not sure which area to study in. Which major should I choose?

Your program will culminate with a studio experience in a specific area (painting, graphic design, etc.) but the first year will be focused on building your foundation as an artist. We encourage you to pick the area which is closest to your interest at this time, but the major selection will not impact your curriculum until later in your time here. As long as you know that you want to be a studio art major you’ll be on track. Our programs encourage exploration and discovery through the first years to decide what type of medium will be the best fit for you as an artist and you may change studio arts majors at the end of your freshman year if needed.

What should I wear?

You should dress as a professional in your desired field would dress. If you are a musician you want to present yourself as professionally as possible while maintaining the mobility to play your instrument, actors will want to be able to move freely on the stage, and dancers may refer to the audition requirements page for more information on what dance gear will be needed.

What will my parents/guardians be doing while I'm in the audition/portfolio review?

We invite several departments from across campus to be present during these days to provide information to prospective students and their parents or guardians. Financial aid and university admissions will both be available throughout the day.

Who will I meet with during my audition?

The primary faculty from your area will be here to meet with you and review your work. We also invite some current students to help out with these events and they are a great resource to learn more about life as an artist at WVU from a student point of view.

When will I know if I've been accepted into the program?

Within the flute studio and the musical theatre studios, students will be notified by March 1st of their acceptance into the program. For all other programs, within two weeks from your audition/portfolio review date, you will notified of your program acceptance status.

When will I know if I have been offered a scholarship?

By completing the school application and attending an audition/portfolio review day you are considered a candidate for creative arts scholarship awards. Students will be notified either way of creative arts scholarship opportunities by the first week of March. We reserve the right to offer awards earlier in select situations, but will typically wait until we can look at the applicant pool as a whole before making those decisions.

How are scholarship awards determined?

Creative Arts scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated talent and the information collected through the school applications.

Can I still attend even if I have not yet been accepted to the University?

Yes, but we encourage you to complete your university application as soon as possible at . If you have not started a university application, it will not affect the faculty decision regarding your admittance, however the faculty cannot offer you a place in the program until until after you have been admitted to the university. 

If things don't go well at my audition/portfolio review, can I sign up for another one?

We encourage you to speak with the faculty before requesting another audition date. We understand that sometimes there are factors outside the audition which may prevent you from performing at your best. The faculty reserve the right to approve or decline a request to re-audition. 

What do you recommend doing to prepare for my audition or portfolio review?

Visiting the campus ahead of time is a great way to prepare. During a visit we can arrange for you to have a private lesson or attend a class with faculty from your area of study, tour the facility and sometimes even schedule for you to take in a performance or lecture in the evening. Getting to know the programs through experience and interaction with the faculty will not only help you to feel more confident on your audition day, but will also help you to know if we’re the right fit for you. Work hard to prepare your audition or portfolio and then just enjoy the day! Remember that the faculty, staff, and students you will meet here that day all want to see you succeed.

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