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Piano Audition Requirements

Piano (BM Performance, Education, Composition, Therapy, BA and BS)

Three works from the standard piano literature representing three different style periods: examples of selections include works from the baroque period (Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, etc.), a sonata movement from the classical period (Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, etc.), a romantic work (Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, etc.), or a contemporary work (Debussy, Copland, Bartók, etc.). A fourth additional piece of the applicant’s choice may also be included.

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Jazz Studies
  • All 12 major scales are required and the ability to perform additional scales is encouraged
  • Perform a solo transcription or a traditional etude in any style 
  • Be prepared to improvise and comp for several choruses on a medium tempo blues progression
  • Play an unaccompanied ballad with a chorus of improvisation
  • Perform a piece with a samba, bossa nova, or straight 8th feel
  • Be able to demonstrate comping ability

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