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Multidisciplinary Studies Program

Combine different fields of study into one degree program that fosters your individual creativity while providing you with opportunities in performance, exhibition, and scholarship.

Through the College of Creative Arts’ Multidisciplinary Studies program, students have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies (BMds) degree by following an individualized course of study that they create based on their own career goals and artistic interests.

The MDS program affords you the flexibility of selecting three different areas of study (academic minors) to create your individualized educational plan. Combined with WVU’s general education requirements, at least two of the minors must be selected from programs offered by the College of Creative Arts. If three minors are chosen from the College of Creative Arts, minors must be selected from at least two different Schools (artmusictheatre & dancewithin the college. The MDS course of study culminates with a “capstone” project where you demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have acquired during your specialized course of study.

How to Apply to the Multidisciplinary Studies Program

Minors within the School of Theatre & Dance do not require an audition and minors within the School of Art & Design do not require a portfolio review. Some minors within the School of Music do require an audition.

Apply now to the MDS Program

After you have completed the application for the MDS program you will be contacted by an MDS advisor to schedule a meeting to review your selection of minors and discuss scheduling.