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Arts Administration Minor

The Arts Administration minor includes courses in the arts, business, and public relations. The goal is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills they will need for working with cultural, performing and visual arts organizations. Arts Administration may also lead to opportunities that include event planning, arts facilities management, public relations, marketing and grant writing for arts or non-profit organizations.


Arts Core Courses – 3 hours
1 or more from the following (3 hours each):

  • ARHS 101-Landmarks of World Art
  • ARHS 160-Survey of Art History 2
  • MUSC 111-Introduction to Music
  • THET 101-Introduction to Theatre
  • DANC 170-Introduction to Dance

BUSA 320- Survey of Management - 3 hours

PR 215 - Intro to Public Relations - 3 hours

Arts Administration - 6 hours
Both of the following (3 hours each)
  • ART 315 - Arts Administration
  • ART 491B - Professional Field Experience
Electives-3 hours
1 from the following (3 hours each)
  • Art 444 - Promoting the Arts and Culture
  • BUSA 330 - Survey of Marketing
  • COMM 306 - Organizational Communication
  • LDF 201 - Principles of Leadership
  • STAT 111 - Understanding Statistics

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