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Dance Minor


Courses required for the Minor in Dance include a variety of dance techniques and composition, as well as choreography, stage movement, dance history and philosophy, and theatre production. There are many performance opportunities for students on and off campus, including annual formal concerts, informal concerts (works in progress), participation in regional and national dance festivals, conferences, community, concerts, and touring.


Dance Techniques – 4 hours from the following
  • DANC 100-Fundamentals—Dance Technique-2 hours
  • DANC 110-Fundamentals of Ballet-2 hours
  • DANC 130-Fundamentals of Jazz-2 hours
  • DANC 210-Intermediate Ballet-2 hours
  • DANC 220-Intermediate Modern-2 hours
  • DANC 230-Intermediate Jazz-2 hours
Technical Production-3 hours from the following
  • THET 105-Costuming-3 hours
  • THET 220-Fundamentals of Lighting-3 hours
  • THET 221-Theatre Make Up-3 hours
History/Criticism – 3 hours
  • DANC 370-Dance History-3 hours
Choreography – 3 hours from the following
  • DANC 260 Fundamentals of Choreography – 3 hours
Dance Electives – 6 hours from the following
  • DANC 300-Dance Practicum-2 hours
  • DANC 310 -Advanced Ballet-2 hours
  • DANC 320-Advanced Modern-2 hours
  • DANC 330-Advanced Jazz-2 hours
  • DANC 350-Modern/Ballet Partnering-2 hours
  • DANC 360-Advanced Choreography – 3 hours
  • DANC 371-Creative Dance for Educators-3 hours
  • DANC 400-Choreography Practicum-2 hours
  • DANC 410-Ballet Repertory-1 hour
  • DANC 420-Modern Repertory-1 hour

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