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Music Industry Minor

The music industry is a vibrant, multi-billion dollar global industry, vast in scope and reach, offering a product that is deeply ingrained into the fabric of every country and culture, across social strata, around the world. As such, it offers extensive professional opportunities to those who are trained, knowledgeable, and versed in its systems, methods, and practices.

The Music Industry Program at the School of Music at West Virginia University offers such knowledge and training by providing an engaging, systematic, and rigorous course of study leading to analytical, creative, regulatory, and entrepreneurial understanding and skills necessary to succeed in today’s complex and challenging music industry field.

By offering the program online, we are allowing anyone with sufficient interest, qualifications, and ambition, regardless of their geographical location, to participate and benefit from it, and learn how to build or further their career in the music industry.

Utilizing the best of current online educational technology and methods, the Music Industry Program provides extensive academic training and acquisition of professional skills relevant to current cultural and commercial trends in the field.

Curriculum - 15 Hours

  • MUSC 411 - Intellectual Property in Music Industry - 3 hours
  • MUSC 412 - Music Product Development and Placement - 3 hours
  • MUSC 413 - Live Music Industry - 3 hours
  • MUSC 414 - Recording Industry - 3 hours
  • MUSC 415 - Music Publishing - 3 hours

Total Hours: 15

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