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Music Performance Minor

This Minor in Performance is intended for the student who has a particular interest in preparing for performing or teaching a particular instrument or voice. The minor focuses on making music with special emphasis on applied lessons and ensemble experiences. The increased interest of society today in the arts is creating many new opportunities for the professional musician and for the private music teacher. Performance areas include: band or orchestra instrument, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, and voice.

A successful audition with the School of Music is required to entrance into the program.


Applied Music- 8 hours from the following (audition or consent required for placement)
  • MUSC 328: Applied Lessons for Minors
Music Ensembles- 4 hours from the following courses: (audition or consent required for placement):
  • MUSC 300-305A
  • MUSC 340-359
Music Theory and/or Music History/Literature- 4 hours from the following courses:
  • MUSC 110-Fundamentals of Music- 3 hours
  • MUSC 111-Intro to Music- 3 hours
  • MUSC 112-Great Composers- 3 hours
  • MUSC 113-20th Century American Pop Music- 3 hours
  • MUSC 114-Music in the Modern Age- 3 hours
  • MUSC 115- Intro to History of Jazz –  3 hours
  • MUSC 116-Music in World Cultures- 3 hours
  • MUSC 177-Intro to Music Listening- 1 hour
  • MUSC 161-Aural Theory I:  2 hours
  • MUSC 162-Written Theory I:  2 hours
  • MUSC 163-Aural Theory 2:  2 hours (PR: MUSC 161)
  • MUSC 164 -Written Theory 2:  2 hours (PR: MUSC 162)
  • MUSC 270-History of Western Musical Traditions:  3 hours (PR: MUSC 177)
  • MUSC 311-Intro to Jazz Improvisation:  2 hours
  • MUSC 313-Advanced Jazz Improvisation:  2 hours
  • MUSC 477-Music of Africa:  3 hours
Music Electives: 2 credits

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